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  • Yesterday! WCF Virtual Labs Available!
    Try out 2 new WCF Virtual Labs that will guide you through the fundamentals of building powerful WCF services. You don’t even need to install the bits—just use the Virtual Labs to see what WCF can do for you.

  • Got Feedback?
    Here on the WCF team, we're always looking for feedback. If you've got a suggestion for the WCF product, or if you've found a bug, please let us know at the MSDN Product Feedback Center, and help us make a great product.

  • Interop Plug-fest at Microsoft!
    We're hosting another Interop Plug-fest at Microsoft, an open forum where attendees meet with WCF product group members to test their Web services implementations against WCF. This event is in Redmond, and is open to anyone who wants to participate.

  • launches!
    Check out the Windows Communication Foundation community site, where you’ll find everything you need to start building services today. The site includes hands-on labs, whitepapers, videos from team members, sessions from recent conferences, and even a whirlwind tour through the product group. Best of all, you can download samples contributed by members of the WCF community, and show off your own samples by sharing them with the community.

  • WCF Go Live License available
    You asked for it, and we heard you. We're pleased to announce the availability of a Go Live License for Windows Communication Foundation. Now you can deploy your application on the latest release of WCF in a production environment, and start taking advantage of our technology right now.

  • WinFX January CTP releases!
    Get the latest release of WinFX, which includes the Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, and Windows Workflow Foundation.

  • WCF Architecture Overview published
    Yasser Shohoud, a Program Manager on the WCF team, has just published a doc that gives an overview of the "ABCs" of WCF. It gives you a high-level view of the WCF architecture, illustrated with code samples.

  • Web Services Security Guidance published on MSDN
    The Patterns and Practices group at Microsoft has just released a great guide on security scenarios, patterns, and implementation for Web services. The guide is comprised of a set of common Web services scenarios and some recommendations for what sort of security model to use in each case. An essential read.

  • Breaking Changes from Beta1 to Nov CTP
    Ed Pinto, Program Manager on the WCF team, outlines the changes between the WCF Beta1 release and November CTP, and what you should expect when porting your app.

  • Introduction to Building Windows Communication Foundation Services
    Clemens Vasters explains the fundamental concepts of the Windows Communication Foundation and shows you how to start building services and clients.

  • Introducing Windows Communication Foundation: an Early Look
    David Chappell's comprehensive whitepaper takes you on a lap around Windows Communication Foundation, offering business scenarios for WCF and leading you through a lap around WCF functionality. You'll get an overview of WCF features as well as context on how WCF works with today's distributed technologies.

  • How to host a WCF service
    Wenlong Dong, a developer on the WCF team, posted an in-depth overview of hosting WCF services on his blog. He covers a variety of hosting environments, including the Windows Activation Service will ship as part of Windows Vista.

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