Welcome to the Windows Communication Foundation!

Windows Communication Foundation (previously codenamed "Indigo") is Microsoft's unified framework for building distributed applications.

With WCF, you can build secure, reliable, transacted Web services applications that interoperate with apps built on other platforms and integrate with the applications you're building on today's .NET technologies. And WCF is designed to be the next logical version of today's .NET distributed technologies, so if you’re using ASMX, COM+, MSMQ, .NET Remoting, or WSE, you'll love WCF.

WCF is part of WinFX, Microsoft's next-generation Windows framework. WinFX is an extension of the .NET Framework 2.0, and will be available as part of the Windows Vista operating system, as well as for Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP.

Latest News & Articles

Vista Development Webcasts!

Thursday 5/25/2006

Starting June 1st, a great lineup of speakers will bring you up to speed on WCF, Workflow and other Vista development technologies in special MSDN Webcast series.

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Beta 2 Breaking Changes List for WCF and InfoCard

Wednesday 5/24/2006

WinFX Beta 2 introduces a small number of breaking changes from the February CTP release. Click the "Read Article" link below to download the document. On the "Resources" page you can find the detailed class-by-class, method-by-method breaking changes report.

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Go Live with WinFX Beta 2

Wednesday 5/24/2006

The Microsoft license terms for the above referenced beta software releases do not permit use of the software in a live operating environment. In response to strong customer demand, Microsoft has made available supplemental license terms (referred to as "Go-Live License") for the Beta 2 release of WinFX Runtime Components (referred to as "WinFX Beta 2"). Subject to compliance with the Go-Live License, the terms will permit limited deployment of WinFX Beta 2 in live operating environments.

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» Download the most recent Windows Communication Foundation CTP Release
The Windows Communication Foundation "Community Technology Preview" releases provide an early and up to date look at where WCF is heading on its way to release.
» WinFX Go-Live Information
The WinFX Go-Live license enables you to use WCF in your production environment and even release products on it before the final release of WCF.
» Review Resources
Check out these resources for building services, like a guide to building a simple Hello World service, or a comprehensive white paper that takes you on a lap around WCF.
» Review the Samples
Take a look at some WCF samples, and share your own samples with the WCF community.
» Try It!
Walk through the labs hosted on MSDN to explore what WCF can do, and build your own client for a service we're hosting right here.
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Participate in the WCF community by asking and answering questions in the WCF forum.
» Got a Question?
Find answers to the most frequently asked WCF questions in the FAQ.
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