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Search Yahoo! Using WCF - POX/REST Message Encoder

This sample application demonstrates the use of custom POX/REST message encoder to talk to REST based Yahoo! Web service.

The POX message encoder allows sending and receiving plain XML (non SOAP) and Text only messages for interoperability with POX and REST services and clients. The encoder can be used in the Text mode or XML mode which can be configured via a POXMessageProperty. In text mode, the encoder can send and receive plain text messages. The value of the text message is specified in or obtained from the POXMessageProperty. In XML mode, the encoder can send the plain XML message without the SOAP envelop. The XML message is the serialized XML value of the body object.

Using the client application you can search Yahoo! for the specified query or you can obtain the spelling suggestion for your query. The request for the Yahoo! web services is constructed from the user specified arguments in to HTTP query string. The XML response is constructed using the XmlSerializer based data types generated by specifying the response schema to XSD.EXE.

NOTE: You must specify your Yahoo! application ID in the App.Config for the sample to work.
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